Train Jigsaw Puzzles For Introverts

When you put together train jigsaw puzzles, it almost feels like you are physically there taking a photo of such majestic (and historical) piece of machinery. And both puzzles and trains share a long history.

Jigsaw puzzles surfaced during the 1760s, and around fifty years later the first commercial steam engine locomotive made headlines. Now, you will come across many different and beautiful puzzle sets featuring breathtaking images, but there is something magical about train puzzles. Don’t you feel like it’s hard to describe the feeling you get while putting together a train jigsaw puzzle? Or the feeling of accomplishment when you finish one? All you want to do then is to start the next one!

Personally I love trains, I’m an introvert, and I love working on jigsaw puzzles. I hope you do too! Let’s talk some more about them, what do you say?

Here are a few challenging train jigsaw puzzles we found on Amazon.

The Little Engine That Took Over The World

Nobody saw it coming, even though the first recorded evidence of primitive tracks can be traced back to 6th century BC. Over several periods, the use and development of tracks can be followed. And they served the practical purpose of transporting heavy things like ships for several miles. But it wasn’t until Richard Trevithick, an English innovator, first displayed a working steam engine in 1802 that railway tracks would become so critical. People like George Stephenson took it one step further and commercialized the manufacturing of steam locomotives. It is a fact that steam trains changed everything at the turn of the 19th century, and they are still as relevant today.

Among other things, trains dramatically reduced transportation time between cities and towns. All of a sudden it didn’t take months to cross vast distances, only days. And the best part was that trains could carry big loads of people and resources. The solutions and possibilities were endless as steam trains started connecting everyone on a different level. It was a revolution that brought the world into the future, which is probably why trains hold a special place for most people.

More and more citizens got to explore areas they previously only dreamed about, which only cemented the valuable role trains would eventually play in modern society. And now, you can puzzle together some of the most famous steam train models ever to hit the tracks.

diesel train riding through a beautiful mountainous scenery along a thin blue river

The Connection Between Trains And Jigsaw Puzzles

A ride on a train can be compared to putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The scenery comes together perfectly as every passing mile represents another piece, and you are allowed to forget about traffic when you step onto that train. There is no rush to finish, no winners, losers, or even spectators. It’s only you and the noise you choose to have around you. And just like nature, every piece has a valuable place if the picture is going to be complete.

In general, people tend to underestimate the power of putting together a puzzle. But those who do know the value will also appreciate where the love for trains come from. There is – and always will be – a strong connection between trains and puzzles. Because they just belong together like good old friends on a beautiful journey.

More train puzzles you can add to your collection from Amazon.

6 Things That Make Train Jigsaw Puzzles Special

It is so easy to get lost in the magic and history of trains, and there is one specific way to really enjoy it. With a jigsaw puzzle featuring a train, you actually have time to take note of every detail. But this is not the only great thing about train jigsaw puzzles. Here are some other reasons for basing your next puzzle adventure on locomotives.

1) Different Types Of Train Models

There is never a lack of choices when you shop for train designs on jigsaw puzzles. And you can go as far back as steam trains, or you can enjoy modern diesel or electric train puzzles. And if you are a train enthusiast, the world of jigsaw puzzles is going to be your oyster. Some of the most beautiful photos, sketches, and paintings of trains can be found in puzzle form.

2) A Special Atmosphere

A certain atmosphere exists around putting together a puzzle of a train. It is almost like you are on that train, and you are going nowhere in particular. All that matters is the comforting and consistent journey towards placing the final piece and completing the picture. Everything starts off scattered, only to develop into something incredibly beautiful.

3) The Scenery

It is not just the trains that will grab your imagination. You will also be introduced to the gorgeous scenery that surrounds the different train models. Experience every season through the power of a puzzle. Whether you prefer winter and snow or a sunset in summer, it will add to the joy of building a train jigsaw puzzle. And don’t forget about the bridges and mountain ranges typically associated with pictures of trains. These add just as much pleasure to the experience.

4) Calm Your Mind

Life, in general, is more than a little stressful. And if we get exposed to stressful situations often enough, we forget about how it eventually seeps into our lives. Hence the reason for decompressing every chance you get. And you might be one of those people that decompress by getting comfortable at home with a puzzle. No, you don’t need to go to the gym to rid yourself of all your frustration. All you need is familiar surroundings, a comfortable place to sit, and a train puzzle that takes you through a scene that triggers the most pleasant thoughts.

5) Choose Between Many Different Sizes

If you are worried about puzzle size options, don’t. Because there are some big jigsaw puzzles based on train themes, which can average a thousand pieces or more. Everything depends on how long you want to stay inside your calm and relaxing space. The bigger the puzzle, the bigger the reward. You can even choose from different types of puzzle piece materials if it is going to add to your experience.

6) Some Puzzles Serve An Educational Purpose Too

While one big picture or photo of a singular train rolling on is usually the preferred choice, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are passionate about history, there are train puzzles with very interesting information regarding all the different models. Interesting dates and facts accompany the pictures to create a fun image with useful information to boot.

The Best Time To Make Train Jigsaw Puzzles!

So, we have explored the connection between trains and jigsaw puzzles. And we have established why trains are so popular for use on puzzles overall. Now it is time to focus on the other side of the coin. The side where we talk about the best times for enjoying a train puzzle, just to prove something so seemingly basic and straightforward is, in truth, a very versatile way to spend your time.

1) When Winter Strikes

It is natural to spend more time indoors as the winter chills begin to nip at your nose and ears. And the last thing you want to do is challenge the elements, especially when temperatures drop below zero. Which presents the perfect setting for enjoying a train jigsaw puzzle. Embrace winter like it is your best friend if you have the right puzzle to keep you company.

2) After A Hard Day

Getting some sunlight and socializing is definitely good for your health. But some days can get longer than others. And when you get home, you are not exactly in the mood for more conversation. Instead, you want to breathe in silence, or to the sound of some music. You also want to do it in a healthy way that won’t break you down mentally or physically. Well, get out that jigsaw puzzle already, because it’s as healthy and safe as hobbies get.

3) When You Feel Like Relaxing By Yourself

The true beauty of doing jigsaw puzzles is the lack of rules. In fact, there are no mandatory rules except for placing the pieces where they are supposed to be. Other than that, you choose how the overall experience goes. This means you can be a whole group of people working on the same puzzle, or it can be just you. In this case, you are looking for something to entertain you and only you. And a jigsaw puzzle featuring a train is one of the best choices you can make.

4) In Search Of Healthy Entertainment?

It is common knowledge that jigsaw puzzles stimulate the brain in a positive way. But how exactly? Well, many people say that they learn to be more patient after turning jigsaw puzzles into a hobby. And it helps to build logic towards solving problems. When compared to so many other forms of common entertainment, building puzzles are incredibly healthy.

5) During A Blackout

People can say what they want about the dated approach of jigsaw puzzles, but they trump modern forms of entertainment like game consoles in several ways. For one thing, puzzles do not require batteries or power outlets to function. So when a blackout strikes or you are in the middle of a fairly primitive camping site, you can still keep yourself busy for hours on end.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide the best time for your train jigsaw puzzles. Seeing as you can come back to your project at any time, nothing is stopping you from working it into your schedule at short notice. With very little preparation and no time limit, few things can compare to a good jigsaw puzzle featuring a moving steam train.

What Happens When The Puzzle Is Done? 3 Things You Can Do!

When the journey is over and the picture is complete, you have several choices about what to do with the puzzle. And to finish this post on a note everyone can appreciate, keep these tips in mind once your train puzzle receives the final piece.

1) Use The Puzzle For Decorative Purposes

Depending on the size of the puzzle you put together, it can take an extensive amount of time. But all that effort is worth it in the end when you look at the final product. And the best part is that you can use the finished puzzle to decorate your home or apartment. A good example would be framing the puzzle and hanging it on the wall. This always presents well in any room. Or you can use it underneath the glass of a table? You are only limited by your imagination once you have your steam train puzzle finished.

2) Start Over Again

Not everybody is wired to hold on to things. Some have a gift to let things go as casually as they came. And if you consider yourself one of these people, a single puzzle can keep you entertained for years to come. Actually, you might like the nostalgic feelings that surface every time you pull out that old puzzle of a train you will never forget. The smell of the pieces coming out of the box, the end-result you’ve already seen a hundred times before, a lot of emotion can be poured into the right jigsaw puzzle.

3) Become A Collector

If you are not too focused on market value or dollar signs, you can easily become a collector of jigsaw puzzles featuring trains and beautiful scenery. You can put them together, make it permanent, and put up a special display as you continue to expand your collection. Either way, puzzles are affordable and readily available. In other words, you are setting yourself up for hours of fun.

Those who already know what it is like to piece together beautiful steam train models will tell you it is a rather intimate process. Because you get the opportunity to reflect and meditate without having to focus on anything in particular. If you want, you can just let your mind go and be free like the train you are completing.

So, if you regard the comfort and silence of your home as a reward, why not celebrate it with a good jigsaw puzzle? It will barely cost you anything, you don’t plug it in, and you can enjoy it without anyone else in the room. Do you really need more reasons to build your collection right now?

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