Social Activities For Introverts To Enjoy

In the past, introverts may have been thought of as simply shy or awkward. However, a preference for not always being around people is more about a person’s level of sensitivity than not liking other people.

For this reason, it can be challenging to find appropriate social activities for introverts, as many typically social events can be overwhelming and exhausting for them. This is as opposed to extroverts, who find meaning in interacting with other people and feel energized by it.

Nevertheless, fun activities for introverts don’t have to be complicated or isolated either. Here are just a handful of suggestions of activities which will give you, or someone you know, a better idea of how to answer the question: what do introverts do for fun?

What Do Introverts Do for Fun?

Activities for introverts
Activities for introverts

1. Visit a museum

As an introvert, you probably love to immerse yourself in experiences that are meaningful and which give you a chance to reflect on your own interests. So, a visit to a museum is a perfect opportunity to combine this with social interaction.

Social activities like this will give you the opportunity to get to know someone, or a few people, without having to feel pressured to constantly make conversation.

By engaging in a shared intellectual activity such as this, there’s the added benefit of having a lot of things to talk about during and after the event.

Ideal scenarios could also include an event where there is a shared interest being promoted and discussed by an engaging speaker. They have the floor to speak, and you can share your thoughts with your close friends after the event has finished.

2. Attend a volunteer event

Taking part in shared social activities that focus on a cause is also a great way to get involved in a meaningful experience.

When volunteering, the focus is on achieving a certain goal so there is also no pressure to make small talk. With the added benefit of actually contributing to something, you will also leave the event feeling like you’ve made a positive contribution to society.

Really, this is one of the easiest social activities for introverts to partake in. It is all about being in a space where you’ll feel part of a group but not have to feel like you need to perform or draw unwanted attention to yourself.

3. Take a class

Taking part in some kind of class is another great way to interact with new people without having to feel pressured to “socialize”.

While some classes might be attended by small groups of friends who already know each other, chances are that there will always be someone who is there alone. This creates an ideal environment for you to find other people who are on the same level as you. That is to say, there alone but looking for a connection through shared experience.

What you choose to do for fun can range from a pottery class to a martial arts group activity, all depending on your particular interests. Painting classes, as well as yoga and meditation sessions which require people to go more inward, could also be appropriate if you are inclined towards spending time alone.

With the focus of this kind of activity more oriented towards learning a skill, attention is also diverted from you as an individual, which can make even the most reluctant introvert feel more comfortable about engaging in a group.

4. Go hiking

Getting outdoors for some fresh air is a great way for those who are more reserved to feel at ease. The unlimited space gives some relief from the feeling of being in a room where you have to make eye contact and small talk with people you don’t know.

Although not everyone lives near a mountain range, going for a walk in nature, or doing some kind of walk or hike is an ideal way to interact and meet people.

On a hike, the focus is on being present and enjoying the scenery, so there’s no pressure to talk. Unless of course, this happens naturally.

This is also one of the most perfect social activities for introverts as it is something that you can do with a hiking club or with your close friends. And it doesn’t have to cost anything either.

5. Travel

Travel doesn’t have to mean going anywhere far away. Even just spending a morning exploring a different neighborhood can be one of the best social activities for introverts, as in this environment, nobody knows you or has any expectations of you.

Surprisingly, you might find that once you’re in a new place with no ties, a whole world of social interaction is also opened up as you begin to realize that there are many other people who are oriented in exactly the same way that you are.

While traveling abroad might not be for everyone, traveling alone in a foreign place can be an incredibly helpful experience for introverts as you’re encouraged to learn how to navigate new social situations on a constant basis. With practice, this will give you the tools to make conversation with pretty much anyone.

Of course, going on a trip with a friend is even more enjoyable as it provides plentiful opportunities for bonding and sharing experiences that can lead to deeper and more meaningful relationships.


Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you need to spend all of your time alone. If you aren’t an introvert yourself or have a friend or family member who seems to prefer being alone, know that this isn’t because they don’t want to go out.

The truth is, they do, but it’s just about finding the right environment for them to feel comfortable in.

Amazingly, once you start to think about all of the various ideal social activities for introverts, you’ll find that there are many different things you can do to have meaningful and engaging experiences, even if you aren’t always comfortable meeting new people.

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