Online Jobs For Introverts

Introverts tend to work best alone. Unlike extroverts, who get their energy from being around other people, introverts need space and quiet to be by themselves. This is why working remotely online instead of in an office can be such a great solution for those with less of a social personality.

Today, online jobs for introverts are easy to find. There are opportunities covering a wide range of fields and interests, and they can be the ultimate solution to finding comfort and enjoyment in your profession. Here is our guide to some of the best online jobs for this personality type.

Why Work Online?

Working online is a fantastic solution if you don’t enjoy working directly with people. While some remote jobs may require constant phone calls and video meetings, it is possible to find a line of work that pays well and requires minimum intensive social interactions.

Besides the lack of people around you, there are many benefits to online jobs for introverts. These jobs often give you the freedom to take control of your schedule, cut out unnecessary commutes, and allow you to work from anywhere you want, be it home, a coffee shop, or your holiday apartment in another country.

Building your career in online work can also be done in your spare time. Many people start out freelancing or working part-time for someone else, and eventually make it full-time after gaining experience or building a client base.

The Best Online Jobs For Introverts

No matter where your experience or interests lie, there is definitely an online job out there to suit you. Here are some popular choices within a variety of fields.

Social Media Manager

Social media is a massive part of our lives today, and it offers a platform for many people to find work. Working in this sector is more relevant than ever right now, and it could be your answer to finding the perfect job.

Managing social media accounts involves more skills than many people may imagine. While the social aspect of it might sound counterintuitive, the reality is this job is great for organized people who know their way around social media.

The job will require you to set up and implement various social media strategies through creating content calendars, writing copy, and managing different levels and areas of your pages.

What’s more, through the brands and companies you work with, you can become involved in some interesting products or services. 


When you think of the world of accounts and bookkeeping, the mind jumps to large offices full of people. However, this does not have to be the case. There are plenty of opportunities for virtual bookkeepers in the world today.

Bookkeeping does not necessarily require a certain degree or level of qualification. If you are focused on details and have a knack for figures and organization, then this job can be for you. Working as a bookkeeper, you will be required to handle financial records, receipts, invoices and update the financial systems, most of which are all filed online. 

If you are trustworthy and know what you are doing, this job can be extremely rewarding. Virtual bookkeeping can be one of the better paid online jobs for introverts, especially if you have some experience in the field behind you.


Working as a photographer can be one of the most ideal online jobs for introverts, as you will spend a lot of time behind the camera and then after that, behind a screen editing images.

You may need to build a website offering your services, as well as an online store to sell your photography. Alternatively, you can upload images to paid stock photo platforms, or do catalog photography for e-commerce stores which does not involve directing people.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is the perfect field for work from home jobs for introverts. Conceptualization over skype or digital platforms is often necessary due to locations of client and designer, design is then performed digitally, and client feedback is received online.

If you are experienced or skilled in design, then there are plenty of opportunities to build a remote or freelance career from the comforts of your home.


If you have writing skills and can engage an audience through text or video, then blogging is a great option for working online. Aside from website hosting, there’s no financial investment required. Even then, you can use your social platforms which are free, to share content on instead.

Establish a niche, and find topics which your blog will cover – naturally this will need to appeal to an audience. Successful bloggers can make a lot of money through sponsorship deals, as well as receive some fantastic perks.  As far as online jobs for introverts go, this is an appealing one that requires you to have an opinion and good online presence.

Start an Online Shop

The world of e-commerce is rapidly expanding as more and more people shop online. Setting up your own online shop is easy, and can be a great way to make money either full or part-time.

The products you sell can be based entirely on your own interests and even be something you produce yourself. Interested in woodwork and make coffee tables in your spare time? You’ll need an online shop to sell your products!

Freelance Writer

Working as a writer can be done entirely remotely and online. If you have a way with words, or understanding of writing practices, then building a career in this field is one of the most accessible online jobs for introverts.

There are many tools and online freelancer platforms out there to help people build successful writing careers. Because the age of the internet is here, the demand for fresh, quality content for websites exists, making this one of the in-demand online, remote, or work at home jobs for introverts.

Start Your Online Career Today

Online jobs for introverts are more varied and readily available than you think. While some of the jobs listed above are popular choices, you can really build a career in basically any field.

As long as you have a good internet connection, anywhere in the world can become your office.

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