Best places for introverts to live

Being an introvert means you enjoy quiet time and space. So, if you are living in a big and busy city, this can make life hard to achieve that. While extroverts thrive in the company of others, introverts would rather choose solitude over socializing. Choosing where to live is, therefore, a major factor of how introverts will enjoy life.

The best cities for introverts generally have open spaces instead of bustling streets. There are also factors such as work opportunities and social aspects of the city which make a big difference. In order to really reenergize, it is important to feel comfortable and happy where you live. Here is a list of the most introverted cities in America – hopefully, they will make the less sociable feel happy and at home.

How to Find the Best Cities For Introverts

Finding the best cities for introverts to live can seem like a difficult task. However, there are some things to consider when looking for that perfect destination.

Look into the work expectations and job culture in the city. Is it an easy place to work remotely if that’s what you do? What kind of industries are prevalent? How will you be able to work there to best suit your personality? These are important questions to consider.

Then you need to think about how you can escape the city when you need to. Are there open spaces or nearby natural places to take your mind away from the city?

Of course, you also need to consider the city culture. The people and the way they act in public differs vastly from city to city.

Top 5 Best Cities For Introverts

Santa Barbara, California

This may not be the smallest city around, but it definitely offers a real sense of peace and escape. Santa Barbara has got to be one of the best cities for introverts to live due to its proximity to nature and quiet streets.

The Channel Islands are a short distance away. Here you can lose the crowds by getting outdoors. Hiking, kayaking, whale watching, stand up paddle boarding are all big activities here, and the perfect way to escape from the world.

The city of Santa Barbara itself is peaceful. There are various plazas littered with friendly cafes. If you are looking for a city where you can get away with just being alone and avoiding the crowds, then this is definitely it. Due to its connection to nature and easy pace, Santa Barbara is one of the best cities for introverts.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

This has got to be one of the most introverted cities, and it will definitely make quieter people feel at home. Colorado Springs is so introverted in fact, that it has its own social media app specially designed for introverts!

This city has a huge amount of computer science professionals and software engineers working here. This is the kind of profession that is often done best in solitude, and so there are many residents who love working quietly alone.

Besides this, the city is completely scenic, with amazing outdoor spaces. There are many quiet parks here, as well as nearby mountain peaks and waterfalls.

Living here is also pretty spaced out with apartments that don’t sit on top of each other. Colorado Springs offers you space, nature, and many quiet residents.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston does a great job of making everybody feel at home. This friendly city is welcoming and polite – making it one of the best places for introverts to live.

The historic streets are absolutely beautiful and make for the perfect setting for a slow walk around. There are so many fun little restaurants, bars, and cafes scattered around the city which are the perfect places to duck away from the crowds.

South Carolina is a place with a lot of space. The Southern plantations are just outside the city, offering the perfect escape.

Between its quiet and peaceful streets, welcoming hospitality and many hidden hangouts, Charleston should definitely be noted as one of the best cities for introverts.

Silicone Valley, California

Silicone Valley has so much constant innovation and excitement going on. This may then seem like a strange choice for this list, but the place really is one of the most introverted cities around.

The valley is loaded with introverts who work in the technology and computer industries here. Many of the major business leaders in Silicone Valley started out by having a hard time as an introvert. The area has therefore grown into a very friendly and welcoming place for those who are not as social.

If you are an introvert struggling to network in your business, then Silicone Valley is one of the best places to do this. You definitely don’t need to be loud or extroverted in order to thrive in this place.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a trendy, alternative kind of place. While it is also the largest city in Oregon, this doesn’t mean you will be stuck in the usual rush of a big city. Portland is laid back, relaxed, and warmly welcomes absolutely everyone.

This city is well known as one of the most introverted cities in America. With its special kind of quirky-cool attitude, Portland is an easy place to feel at home. This city is also known for its urban agriculture, meaning that so many residents love spending time outside in their gardens. There is also a great deal of bike travel and walking done here.

Friendly, spacious and down to earth, Portland is the kind of place to make any introvert forget about social stress.

Final Thoughts

Settling into the ideal place to live can be as tough as an introvert. However, there are many places that make this a whole lot easier.

The places listed above are our top picks as the best cities for introverts, but there are so many other great places. Just consider what kind of lifestyle the city allows, and what the actual space allows for. Living in the right place can help you to flourish throughout your life.


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