Best Jobs for Introverts Without a Degree and With Anxiety

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If you’re an introvert without a degree suffering from anxiety, getting a job might seem like a daunting and impossible feat. Are there any jobs that will accommodate your mental health preferences? Is it even possible to get a job today without a degree?

Introverts without a degree and with anxiety can still choose from various jobs, including working as a writer, courier, or in an administrative position like customer support or data entry. They can also explore work-from-home jobs since it does not require in-person interaction with people.

To learn more about the various types of jobs available for you, keep reading!

Is It Difficult for Introverts To Get Jobs?

In today’s society, you seem to need a polished resume, a large number of connections, and the ability to sell yourself as a potential employee to get a job. For introverts without a degree with some degree of anxiety, achieving even one of the three points listed above is difficult.

As a result of the solitude and comparative educational lack, introverts will face a smaller pool of available jobs that they can pick from. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have many options.

Besides the jobs for introverts that we’re about to list here, we’ve written on this topic in the past. Here are a few you may enjoy;

With that in mind, here’s a list of potential jobs that you can easily work in without much prior experience or qualifications.

Freelance Writer

For those with a flair for the written word, freelance writing is one of the best possible gigs that they can do. Freelance writers usually work from home with little need for in-person interaction with people, preventing social anxiety. Although having formal qualifications like a degree will make it easier to find freelance writing gigs, most clients only care about how well you write and not your educational qualifications.

These individuals make their schedules, so you don’t need to worry about following a specific agenda or fulfilling an extensive number of pressing deadlines every day as you would at a normal nine to five.

Beginner freelance writers can anticipate making around $1000 every month, though this figure can rise to a standard $3000 per month. The answer to how much you hope to earn writing is really – it depends. It depends on the amount of effort you put in, the amount of marketing you do to find a good gig, and your work quality.

Heavy Truck Driver

Truck drivers or ‘truckers’ as they’re colloquially called, are in charge of transporting goods from one location to another. These drivers often drive alone for hours on end, sometimes spending days and weeks on the road away from home. On average, a truck driver in the USA earns $61,624 annually, though this figure increases the longer you stay on the road.

To become a driver, you will need a commercial driver’s license (CDL), along with an appropriate amount of training at a truck driving school. Currently, there is a large shortage of truck drivers in the USA, so it won’t be challenging for you to find a job.

If you have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), trucking might not be for you. Although there are certain anti-anxiety medications that DOT allows, trucking companies are likely to personally disqualify you because they fear that the job could be triggering to you and less work will get done.


On a related note, working as a courier is also an option if trucking seems like a job that is far too intense for you. If you know your city well and have a driving license, working as a courier is the job for you. You’ll be sitting in your car delivering packages for the majority of the time. There also isn’t much social interaction, except for when you’ll be dropping a box off on someone’s doorstep.

According to Indeed, couriers earn $45,333 on average. Couriers don’t just deliver packages from major corporations like Amazon – it can also entail working as a food delivery rider or even delivering newspapers.

Animal Caretaker

Don’t expect to be earning a large amount of money working this job – animal caretakers only make an average of between $27,000 to $32,000 per year. However, the soothing effects of working with animals are well-documented. Animals provide companionship and allow introverts to socialize without draining their energy. Petting or grooming an animal is also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Thankfully, this job only requires a high school or general education diploma(GED). Not much, if any experience is needed – you will be able to learn the job requirements via on-job training.

Customer Support Officer

Being a customer support officer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to interact with someone over the phone. Instead, you can offer support to customers via live chat or email. Those with anxiety can take a breather to get their thoughts in order and write a coherent response instead of being put on the spot.

As introverts are likely to be good listeners, this is a perfect job for helping potential customers with any difficulties they face. According to a survey conducted by HelpScout, customer service officers earn an average of $57,686 as of 2017.

Data Entry

If you have a computer, you can work as a data entry specialist. Even if you don’t have your computer, getting a functional laptop won’t be too expensive, with the lower-end laptops selling for as cheap as $700.

This administrative position requires neither a degree nor interaction with others if you have a remote position. All you need to do is key in data to ensure that a company’s database is accurate and up-to-date. You might be required to compile basic reports or documents, but these can be done quickly with some research.

The median salary for a data entry clerk is $2,252 per month. Although some attention to detail and basic computer skills are required, this is a pretty brainless job that is easy to do.


All you need to work as a transcriber is a good ear and fast typing skills. Although certain types of transcription require a degree, like legal or medical transcriptionists, most companies don’t require high educational qualifications.

In general, a transcriptionist earns around $15 an hour. As long as you show an ability to meet deadlines, you have the freedom of deciding your schedule and how much you want to work a day. Try looking to see if any local research companies in your area are hiring transcriptionists.

Even if you can’t find any, the Internet offers a vast number of websites that require dedicated transcriptionists to trawl through hours worth of audio. These likely won’t pay well as your local companies, though.

Which Jobs Should Introverts Without a Degree and With Anxiety Avoid?

Introverts should avoid doing retail jobs. Although such jobs are widely available without prerequisites for applying, they require a lot of social interaction. These jobs are also likely to induce stress and anxiety because customers can be rude and downright abusive at times.

This can be very triggering for those who suffer from anxiety. You also won’t be able to defend yourself against cursing or curse back at the customer in turn because you’ll be fired. Although most introverts avoid teaching, if you’re passionate about it and comfortable with children, you can work as a part-time tutor.


As an introvert, you might want to specifically search out remote jobs available for the potential jobs listed above. Remote jobs limit social interaction while letting you work in the safety and comfort of your own house and earning money.

Although one’s introversion, lack of educational qualifications, and mental health problems can seem like a major hurdle that is impossible to overcome, it is still possible for you to get a job.

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